Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Master The Secrets to SEM

Why are you still not making any real amount of money off the internet? It honestly is not that hard! I would assume the biggest thing holding you back is the fact that you don't know how to rank for any respectable keywords. You probably are trying for stupid keywords such as "make money online", "work from home" and crap like that. STOP DOING THAT, you will not rank for those keywords so just give up!

Before you get into ranking in the SERPs, lets get you on track first. You need to be targeting easier keywords and keywords that are looked over by others. Try for long tail keywords of 3-6 words. You can use the Google Keyword Traffic Estimator to determine how many times a month the keyword phrase gets searched. I normally take the number they give me and divide by 30 to get the average estimated number of searches in a day. After all, I am mostly concerned with how much traffic my site will get every day. I also know that based off stats, the #1 result in Google gets about 40% of the clicks. So I factor this in as well. I normally use 30% to try and be more realistic. So lets use an example.

Keyword Phrase: texas auto insurance
Monthly Searches: 30,000
Daily Searches: 1,000
Estimated Visitors: 300/day

So with the given information above, you could expect to get about 200-300 people a day to your site. Now you would NEED to be at least one of the top three sites to benefit, however this is all free traffic. You spend about $10 max for a domain name... big freaking deal :) This isn't ground breaking information, just a little bit of research to come up with a game plan. With this keyword example, the people are specifically looking for auto insurance in texas.. So we don't need huge numbers to make money off the traffic. Because they are so targeted, low numbers are fine! I normally shoot for at least 100 visitors/day.

So how can you monetize this? Well in my SEO Secrets Revealed course, I teach exactly how to rank in the search engines. While the #1 position isn't a guarantee, it is possible, especially if you have the keyword in the domain. If you had www.texasautoinsurance.com and followed my course, then you would rank on the first page of Google very easily. I could probably hit the #1 position within 1 month myself.

Now what? If you get the site to the #1 position, now what? How do you make money with it? In this example you have two options. You could have a nice lead capture page setup to collect leads (name, email, phone #), then sell the leads to a car insurance company in Texas. This would take you calling up some local places and negotiating a deal with them. Another option is you could sell the website to them. Using this method, you could easily make $2k-$4k a month! Just do the research, build the site, rank it #1, find a buyer, profit. I have done this and know of others who have done this as well, and it is great. I prefer to have a fully functional nice website, and ranked #1, before trying to sell the site. This way they can drool over it and they want it twice as bad! To you, imagine if someone was #1 for the keyword "make money online" and they offered to sell it to you. If you could afford it, wouldn't you do it? Probably! And to these companies, it is the same thing! If you can't sell the website, no big deal. You could find a CPA offer. Who cares how much money it makes you really, it only cost you $10. If you make one CPA sale a month, then it is still worth keeping.

In my course, SEO Secrets Revealed, I fully explain how to come up with keywords that actually get searched enough to make money from and are low competition so it is easy to rank for them.

After the research is done, you pick a domain with the keyword phrase in it, build a website on it. Remember on page SEO (title, meta tags, h1 and h2 tags, keyword density, ect.). Once the page itself is ready, follow my course. I teach you how to build a very powerful linking infrastructure using web 2.0 sites and anchor text links. After building the structure, then focus on building backlinks and indexing. Within the following weeks you should be able to follow your results in the search engine rankings.

Ranking in the search engines is not hard at all. You have to learn what to do and have patience. I can teach you exactly what is needed to be done, you have to learn the patience on your own ;)

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